What’s next for the Bacon Capital?

The newly declared Bacon Capital is still coming up with fun new ideas on how to celebrate our title. Beer and bacon fest? Bacon statue? The sky’s the limit. Stay tuned to this page for all the latest info in what’s happening in Bacon Capital USA, where the pig is big!


Now Selling Bacon Capital Shirts!

Want to let everyone know how much you love bacon? Project 1590 is now selling bacon capital t-shirts. Sizes run from youth-adult and include ladies t-shirts. Available for purchase at Hy-vee and the Holiday Inn. Sweatshirts coming soon! 



Martin County Magic

Visit martincountypork.com to buy our famous pork seasoning or email info@martincountypork.com for more info.

If you would like the Martin County Pork Producers to grill for your next event, please call 507-236-7461


Bacon Capital Committee Members

Angie Toothaker: Co-Chair  |   Seth and Elizabeth Lintelman: Co-Chair   |    Brent Rohlk: Treasurer  |    Laura Koch: Secretary

Ann Osborn  |   Autumn Larson  |   Bryan Stading  |   Dianne Bettin    | Andy Sodersten   |   April Feely   |   Steve Feely  

Heather Tonkin  |   Jason Subbert  |   Joanne Schmidt  |   Laura Olsen  |   Lori Stevermer  |   Lynn Becker  |   Marcus Eytcheson

Megan Rogosheske  |   Micaela Gochanour  |   Ruth Cyphers  |   Seth Lintelman  |   Stephanie Wohlhuter  |   Steve Hawkins

Barry Altman   |   Jen Saxen   |   Nancy Stauffer